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Every room in the school has wide lattices that allow natural diffused light from both sides of the room. This is achieved by the innovative use of "light shelves" which act as both sunshades and also light reflectors sending natural light deep into the rooms. Concrete "grills" provide a protective screen for the safety of children and they can move along the well-ventilated corridors. Wall-to-wall windows on opposite sides of every classroom allow cross ventilation, helping to circulate copious amounts of air in the room and cool down the temperature during summer.

Many of the classrooms are equipped with projectors and screens to enhance high-tech learning (Smart Classes). All classrooms have high-speed internet connections, so that the teachers can access net and use necessary materials in their classes.


The Kindergarten playroom is full of interactive, fun play equipment that helps develop the psycho-motor and creative skills of the young children. The room has colourful wall-to-wall murals that the kids enjoy immensely.

All the Kindergarten classroom walls also have such colourful murals on them.


The kindergarten play area is a sand lot where the children can play safely without fear of injury. The play area has two slides, two swings with eight seats appropriate for different age groups. There is also a fun sand pit which the children love to play in.

In addition, we also have lots of tricycles, slides, see-saws, ropes, play dough and other equipment that help improve and strengthen the psycho-motor skills of our children.


We have facility for both genders providing well-equipped study rooms and a well balanced diet for the students who are accommodated in the home away home.

Well-equipped Gym is provided for the boys to keep themselves trim and fit.


There are more than the required number of toilets on each floor and they are maintained to a high standard. The school believes that a hygienic environment will produce high learning output. Thus, the school focuses in providing a healthy learning environment by: .

  • Provision of facilities needed for sanitation, such as clean lavatories, toilets and hand-washing
  • Provision of Personal and Environmental Hygiene Education in the curriculum to develop skills, attitudes and knowledge for effective hygiene
  • Personal and environmental hygiene awareness camps


    Each floor of the school building has staff room with wide windows across the room which provides the teachers with lots of natural light and ventilation. They are provided with lockers, personal working spaces and a computer to prepare and assess their lessons.


    The school has a sophisticated sickroom with first aid facility and medicines. The room has clean beds for the children who need to rest and recover. A staff nurse monitors the health of the students providing first aid to the required students. She also deals the health education classes.


    The school has a reverse osmosis mineral water plant to supply pure and safe water for the children. Enough number of taps are placed at different points on every floor of the school, so that the children can get water at their nearest point.


    Every child and staff member has access to cool purified water, which is very much appreciated, especially during summer. There is a water cooler on each floor.


    Our Physical Education staff, pay equal attention in training our kids for the Games & Athletics. We offer special training during vacation. We have well trained coaches in particular for each game. Our school team has participated & won in several inter school sports competitions.

    Our Basket Ball court


    The Library is a rich learning resource center. It sports a large reading room, a wide and varied collection of more than 9000 books, magazines (both national and international), newspapers and CDs. Hundreds of e-books written by famous authors are provided on our 40 Kindles. A bank of Internet enabled computers; a printer, a copy machine and a scanner are available for research purposes to both students and staff.

    All resources in the library are organised in the international Dewey Decimal System and searchable on a computerised database. A well skilled Librarian is on hand at all times.


    The school has a Creative room for the students to create and display their works of art and craft. The peace of the semi-circular room is enhanced by the views out over lush paddy fields. The birds that visit the overhanging trees bring inspiration and wonder into the minds of our young artists.


    A well-maintained three-acre sports field caters for many sporting activities such as Athletics, Football, Volleyball, Handball, Throw ball, Basketball, Kho-Kho and Kabaddi. This ground is used daily for physical exercises, Inter House competitions and training for regional and national competitions.


    The School cherishes an ideological commitment to promote ecological literacy and environmental ethics. Accordingly, the School building is an environment friendly ‘Green School’, integrated with energy-efficient and eco-friendly technologies.

    Feedback and self-critiquing: It also helps to prepare the students for tests such as TOEFL, GRE, IELTS, NELTS and other foreign university entry eligibility tests, by including teaching modules based on those international English language testing services.


    Creating and maintaining a safe learning environment is one of the primary concerns of the School. The School takes great pride in having already implemented the Safe School concept by setting up a safety and emergency preparedness framework.


    Our entire school campus is Wi-Fi enabled so that the teachers can access the net at any time of the day to integrate the content from the web into their lessons.


    A fleet of 31 buses runs. The management is very particular about maintenance, safety and not overloading the buses with children. All the buses are equipped with essential safety features, including child restraints for the front seats, tooth guards, guardrails, semi-sliding windows, first-aid box and anti-skid floors. The exterior of each bus is painted a bright golden yellow to enhance visibility at night and in foggy weather conditions. All our bus drivers are under the age of fifty and are required to have a minimum of five years experience in driving heavy vehicles. We require them to undergo medical tests every year to ensure they are fit for work.

    The buses also have fully trained supervisors who are responsible for the children’s safety onboard, and while getting on and off the bus. Attendance is taken on each bus by the supervisors to ensure that the number of students who have entered the bus are accounted for at pick up and drop off points. Our buses will not stop at any other place.