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our LABS


The School recognizes that today’s children are as ‘growing up digital’ and that computer literacy is of vital importance in education. Computer education is therefore an integral part of the A.K.T school curriculum. The School sports two well-equipped ‘wired’ computer labs with current and emerging computer hardware, software and other relevant resources.

Our Computer lab. Students are taught basic in computer from Class I onwards. From Class III, onwards students are introduced to and work with, various software programmes.

Our Computer courses focus on word-processing skills, spreadsheets and databases, developing multimedia projects and using the web for research.


The well-equipped Physics Lab gives students the opportunity to engage in intellectually challenging activities, such as the use of pulleys and levers, electrical circuits and other devices. The purpose is to provide students with a "hands on, minds on" learning experience.


The Chemistry Lab provides contextual learning and is very well equipped. Ever mindful of the student’s safety, the school supplies them with protective eye goggles, lab aprons and gloves. Smoke detectors are installed in the lab for safety.

Well-equipped Gym is provide for the boys to keep themselves trim.


Our aim is to inspire students to explore questions about aspects of their everyday life and the natural world by cultivating a spirit of enquiry.

The Biology Lab provides students with ample facilities to do so. For instance, they could stain their own microorganisms and then observe them using microscope.


A well-equipped Maths Lab has been set up, conforming to the guidelines and recommendations of the CBSE. Hands on exploration of concrete material leads to greater ‘conceptual understanding’ and ‘problem-solving skills’. The primary objectives of the Maths Lab are:

  • To help dispel fear of mathematics (algebra and geometry) in pupils by making Maths learning more meaningful and enjoyable.
  • To make Mathematics more pragmatic and life-oriented
  • To provide study and test-taking skills.
  • To practice interactive Maths on the computers.
  • To advance Mathematical modeling of real life problems in order to come up with guided discovery activities and collaborative learning in groups.
  • To provide alternative instruction using a wide range of audio and video resources


The Lab is dedicated to the acquisition of language, be it Tamil, English or Hindi. This room is resourced with Posters, Language Kits, Audio Books, Phonic Kits and a Puppet Theatre.


“Language is nothing, but an imitation” – Aristotle. The school has installed advanced English communicative software called ‘Words Worth’. This programme helps to improve English language skills in both students and teachers. The 32 computers in one of our computer labs have been installed with the Words Worth software and have been equipped with headphones. The programme targets the four aspects of language; listening, speaking, writing and reading. It provides oral/aural practice.

Feedback and self-critiquing: It also helps to prepare the students for tests such as TOEFL, GRE, IELTS, NELTS and other foreign university entry eligibility tests, by including teaching modules based on those international English language testing services