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Science Curriculum

A.K.T Central School follows the CBSE science syllabus. In addition, SCS recognizes that pupils acquire factual knowledge from their texts and their programme of study, often without grasping the underlying scientific concepts, nor appreciating their relevance and meaning, since they lack a context. To address this limitation, SCS supplements dry textual study with its own kit-based science curriculum. These innovative kits afford students the opportunity to engage in hands-on, intellectually challenging activities, such as building pulleys and levers, electrical circuits and other devices.

The kit-based science curriculum, in combination with the school's modern science laboratories, is designed to

  • provide students with hands-on, 'minds-on' science projects
  • promote scientific literacy, essential for success in our modern society that is increasingly shaped by science and technology
  • spotlight the relationship between what students learn at school and what they experience in their everyday world
  • inspire students to pursue questions about their everyday experiences by cultivating their curiosity, critical thinking processes and problem-solving skills
  • equip students with a basic knowledge and understanding of science facts and principles so that they are able to describe, explain and predict natural phenomena